a tattoo i really want..

2013-08-09 13:27:00
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The symbol, dedicated to Prince. I really want one, but I'm not sure of where on my body I should get it or if I'm even "brave" enough to get it.. I saw so many people with the symbol tattoo on the festival last Sunday, and now I want one too.

it's been a while..

2013-08-08 15:53:00
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Hi y'all! I haven't updated my blog since March and I must say that I feel so ashamed. I really don't have any explanation of why I haven't updated it, so let's just move on and start fresh. I'm probably just going to update my blog twice per month or so - so don't have any high expectations of me being active.. Please bear with me.

prince @ stockholm music & arts

2013-08-04 23:30:00
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Pictures taken from 3rdeyegirl.


The day started with that I overslept (which felt so obvious for me when I planned to wake up at five am to be assured that I would get a good spot in the audience), anyhow, so I woke up around eight o'clock and was in town around 11 am. Once i got there I saw that there was already small queue infront of the gates, and I felt the panicking overwhelming me. Once I arrived to the queue though, i noticed that we were only around twenty people, and I was the only teenager there. Everyone else was atleast above thirty-five, but it was chill. For the most part, I was quiet and shy (as usual) while listening to all the little conversations I heard all around me, which was damn interesting since the topic of the day was obviously Prince.


When the gate opened, all of us started to run to the stage, and I could hear a guard screaming "no running" to all of us, but none bothered to listen to him. The woman I ran next to pointed out that she felt like a crazy Justin Bieber fan, since we were so "crazy" for running to the stage.
I got the spot i wanted, in the middle-front. I was so damn happy with my spot, but even happier when I noticed that the woman I sat next to was a truly remarkable woman. It was so easy to talk to her, even if the age difference between us was around twentyfive years, hah. She was truly amazing though, we talked about everything from art and music to how it's like to be a mother (although I don't even have children, but I still enjoy the subject).


The only artist I actually enjoyed before Prince performed, was Laura Mvula. God, y'all have no idea how good she was. Like.. she was flawless. and she looked flawless, too. I hope that they will have another performance in Sweden again in the near future - because I'm already a fan. And oh, did I say that a damn good looking fella from her band was constantly looking at me? Not to brag, but he was so fine. At first I didn't believe my eyes, but then after their performance Victoria (the woman I hang out with) pointed out that he flirted with me.. So I guess he actually did, lol! I wish I knew his name, but I can't find it anywhere. I have to continue to search for it, but it's so hard man.


After been waiting for the whole day, purple confettie rained over my head - 3rdeyegirl walked out on stage, and before I knew it I saw the purple one standing infront of me. Tears ran down from my cheeks like a crazy fangirl, but I really couldn't control myself. I actually believed that I wouldn't cry since it was my second Prince concert, but I guess I love him too much... *woops*
It was such a magical night, and I will never, ever forget it.

pixie cut

2013-03-14 19:01:53
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I know I haven't updated my blog for SO LONG now! Geez.. But here y'all go, pictures of my "new" hair cut! :)

school.. blergh

2013-01-08 23:13:00
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11 PM, and I'm going to hit the sack! It's quite chill to start school on a Wednesday, because Wednesday and Thursdays only includes my character subjects (animation and art), so it will be an easy start after a long holiday. I'm excited to continue with the stop motion me and my group is working on, but waking up at 5 AM doesn't sound very pleasing.. 
A picture of Gary, the scout leader from The Addams Family: Values!

macbook and love letters!

2013-01-08 23:05:00
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Hi you guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated my blog for quite a while. I haven't been busy at all, I'm not going to lie. I've just been sleeping day in and day out, watched tv shows and had the time of my life! (no, not really).
Madey's laptop got spoiled recently, so I got my old MacBook and erased the hard drive and restored the operating system. The result was like a new MacBook! :-) After I was finished with that, I bought some letter papers and wrote a short love letter, taped it on the MacBook and then sent it away to Singapore. I guess it will be an early birthday gift from me! :-)


turn it, leave it, stop - format it

2012-12-28 19:34:04
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sweet nothing part 2

2012-12-28 19:20:35
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sweet nothing

2012-12-28 19:07:00
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cotton candy

2012-12-26 23:08:00
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I'm totally missing my pink hair.

new clothes

2012-12-26 22:56:00
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2012-12-26 22:54:00
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A picture of me and love.
Hi peeps! I'm so sorry I haven't updated today, but I've had quite a busy (and tiring) day.
Right now we have something similar to the Black Friday sales that happen in the US after Thanksgiving - except here in Sweden it's during after Christmas and it's held until New Year's Eve. It's crazy how much people there were in town, in every mall and every shop. It smelled like sweat everywhere, and the queues were never ending long.
I don't really like to shop. The only exception is when I'm with my boyfriend, but that's because he ALWAYS finds nice clothes for me, that fits me perfectly. It's so hard for me to find clothes that I like, because it's always either too long or too big. There's never any clothes here that are meant to be on a petite body, they're always sewn for tall girls, and let's not forget that all the XS sizes is always sold out... BUT! Today I was really lucky. Although I didn't buy much, I'm quite happy with what I found.

city lights

2012-12-25 16:42:11
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there goes my hero, watch her as she goes

2012-12-25 15:36:00
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A portrait of my dear friend Ruhani.

for the first time

2012-12-25 15:10:00
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Today, a year ago, was the first time I got to feel the warmth of your arms around me. I will never forget the way you stared at me, and how I felt inside when I saw you on the other side of the glass wall. The way we hugged each other, and repeated "oh my God, I can't believe you're in front of me". The way you touched every single part of my face.
No one can make me smile the way you do, and no one can make me feel more safe than your kisses on my forehead.
I love the way you look at me when I talk non stop. The way you respect me and my opinions, my dignity and my fears.
I love it how you are willing to wait for me, how you can stand this distance between us, and yet feel willing to do everything you can to make our relationship work. I love it when you're talking about our future, discussing how our wedding will be like and where we should settle down and have a child.
You are a blessing from above, my love.

christmas eve

2012-12-24 21:00:00
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Merry Christmas to all of you! I'm sorry I haven't updated anything, but I forgot my card reader at my brothers place, which resulted that I couldn't upload any pictures.
I am sad to say that Christmas isn't exciting anymore, or even fun. I guess it's a part of growing up? I am seriously longing for the time when I have my own children to spoil with awesome Christmas gifts and share laughter and memories with. All I really could enjoy was the food, and the same old "From All of Us to All of you" (the Christmas special by Disney). It was quite boring that it was just me, mom and dad. But hey, it's better than nothing and I am not gonna complain about it. :)

the runaways, rolling stones and pink floyd

2012-12-24 07:18:04
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painting in the toilet

2012-12-24 07:16:00
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Good morning (good night for me). The clock is now ten minutes over seven, and I haven't slept yet. I painted all night long to finish my christmas gift(s) to dad. I'm so relieved that I actually finished them, although if it was a last minute work. Things could have looked better, but I don't really care much. I know my dad will love it, and that's the point. :)
I'm really tired right now. Like I said in a previous post, I'm not a "stay-up-all-night" type of teenager, so my body is feeling really weird right now. I'm going to take a nap for three hours, and then go off to Farsta Centrum once again to buy wrapping paper.. I'll try to update you all later on today. It's actually Christmas in Sweden today, so I guess I'll be kind of busy to eat Christmas food and to talk to my boyfriend (who I've missed terribly) who's finally home for a day.
*yawn*.. I guess I'm going to sleep now. Nights!


2012-12-23 21:04:24
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Good afternoon! I just reached home from a wonderful time spent with my brother, his girlfriend, my niece and my dad. We walked around in Farsta Centrum (a mall) and dad bought some christmas gifts. He told me he didn't have anything to give to me, but I really couldn't care less. I'm not even excited about christmas. Maybe it's a part of growing up? 
After all the shopping we grabbed some food at a restaurant called O'Learys. We all got entrecôte with french fries, and yes - it tasted amazing. In the middle of everything, my brother decided to get a drink. I thought the drink was for him, but no, it was for me. I refused to drink it, so my brother had to drink it himself. I somehow felt bad about it, but it's his own fault that he wanted to spoil me with alcohol I didn't want, haha.

grand optimist

2012-12-23 12:06:00
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Madey is not amused by my kisses..
Good morning! I just woke up and I'm waaaay too lazy to get up from my bed. I'm still not finished with dad's paintings yet, and I fear I won't get it done until tomorrow. I'm going to get something to eat now and then continue to paint. Bye for now!

trying to make baby tisha laugh!

2012-12-22 18:25:31
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2012-12-22 17:43:00
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Hi guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated since I woke up, but I've been quite busy. I just installed my wacom tablet, and then a trial of Photoshop CS6.
I'm at my brother's place right now, and I'm finally reunited with Tisha. It's insane how fast she's growing! She can already keep her head steady by her own strength and she keeps shouting and laughing. It's super adorable. I have the cutest niece in the whole wide world!

when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all

2012-12-22 17:33:05
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how come your arms are not around me

2012-12-22 12:17:00
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Good morning my special snowflakes! I literally just woke up after sleeping for 7 hours, and I'm dead tired. I stayed up until 5 AM before my mom screamed at me to go to sleep, haha. I'm one of those teenagers who really suck at staying up at night. After midnight, my mind get's all dizzy and then it feels like my stomach is burning.
I'm not really sure of what my plans are for today, because it's only 2 days away to Christmas. (WHY IS TIME GOING SO FAST!?!) I'm not really excited for Christmas, but what makes me really looking forward to Monday is that my boyfriend will be booked out from his National Service. (I haven't spoken for him since 13th of December, so all I want for Christmas is to stare at his face and hear him talk non stop, haha!)
Anyways.. I'll probably be going to my brother's apartment later on to finish my dad's paintings from last year. Yeah, I'm THAT slow to finish things I've started. Last time I even touched those paintings was a year ago, but I didn't have time to finish them because we travelled to Singapore.
I'll update you all later. I'm gonna try to at least update this blog 3-5 times per day. Awesome, right?!

sarinja.com, let's do this!

2012-12-22 02:01:00
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Hello there fellas! From this day and on, I'm going to try my very best to update this blog. Please excuse my crappy English, hahaha!